Discontinued Inks

Nazdar Ink Discontinuation Materials

It may come as a surprise to you that Nazdar currently has 105 ink lines that are manufactured and inventoried. In addition, we manufacture specials of these ink lines that are produced when requested by our customers. Many of our ink lines have a long pedigree and, in fact, have been superseded by newer technology inks that print and perform better. Read More »

For more information regarding rationalization behind discontinuation of a specific ink line, please contact Tom Keegan.

Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for these and other legacy inks can be found by clicking here.

Nazdar Technical Data for Discontinued Inks

Please click the ink series you currently use to learn about the proper replacement ink.

10 TS Traffic Sign 1700 Series 7100 Series
7700 Series 8100 Series EB Baking Epoxy
ECSP Economy Satin Poster ER Epoxy Resin G3300 Series
MP Multi-Purpose SP Satin Poster PP Plastics Plus
VP Vinyl Plus N1200 Series 3200 Series
V5000 Series