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Welcome to ColorStar® Online. Nazdar's Online Simulation Formula Guide for the Pantone® Matching System.

ColorStar® Online provides a fast and easy way for Nazdar ink customers to achieve highly precise Pantone color matches, as well as calculate ink usage for a particular job, and work off existing ink inventory. To begin, select a ColorStar procedure:

Ink Formulas
Find the percentages of inks and chemicals necessary to create a precise color match.

ColorStar® Calculator
ColorStar can quickly calculate formulations by unit, by number of prints, or by print area.

Work-Off Conversion
Calculate the most efficient way to create a color match using your existing inventory of Nazdar inks.

Note: The following 360 ink series have a 4 gallon minimum order per in color.

  • 88360 Series
  • ADE360 Series
  • PA360 Series

PANTONE® is Pantone, Inc's check-standard trademark for color. Portions© Pantone, Inc., 1963, 1991.