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Welcome to ColorStar® Online. Nazdar's Online Simulation Formula Guide for the Pantone® Matching System.

ColorStar® Online provides a fast and easy way for Nazdar ink customers to achieve highly precise Pantone color matches, as well as calculate ink usage for a particular job, and work off existing ink inventory. To begin, select a ColorStar procedure:

Ink Formulas
Find the percentages of inks and chemicals necessary to create a precise color match.

ColorStar® Calculator
ColorStar can quickly calculate formulations by unit, by number of prints, or by print area.

Work-Off Conversion
Calculate the most efficient way to create a color match using your existing inventory of Nazdar inks.

Note: The following 360 ink series have a 4 gallon minimum order per in color.

  • 88360 Series
  • ADE360 Series
  • PA360 Series

Note: Nazdar's color mixing ink formulations produce only simulations of PANTONE® Colors in this color reproduction method due to differences in ink film, opacity, pigment selection, print technique, press, squeegee, and mesh. Any formula may need to be adjusted by the user to correct any visual differences to the target.

PANTONE® is Pantone, Inc's check-standard trademark for color. Portions© Pantone, Inc., 1963, 1991.