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Agfa Annapurna M
Agfa Annapurna XL
Dilli Neo Titan 1606
Dilli Neo Plus 2506
DGI VTII 62, 98
DuPont ChromaPrint 22UV
Durst Rho 160
Durst Rho 205
Durst Rho 600
Epson 7600 / 9600
Epson 7800 / 9800
Flora UV Printers
Gandi 1224
Gandi Jeti 3150
Gandi Jeti 3300
Gandi Jeti 3312
Gandi Jeti 3318
Gandi Jeti 3324
Gandi Jeti 5000
Gandi Jeti 5024
GCC StellarJet
Grafityp Cube 260
Grapo Octopus
HP XP2100
HP XP5100
HP FB6100
HP 9000
HP 10000
Inca Columbia Turbo
Inca Eagle Flatbed
Inca Spider
L & P Virtuprint 36
L & P Virtuprint 72
Mimaki CJV30
Mimaki JV22
Mimaki JV3-75SPII
Mimaki JV3-130
Mimaki JV3-160S
Mimaki JV3-250SPF
Mimaki JV4
Mimaki JV5
Mimaki JV33
Mimaki TX2 Textile Printer
Mutoh RJ6100
Mutoh RJ8000
Mutoh Toucan
Mutoh RS900
Mutoh ValueJet
Mutoh ValueJet 1204, 1304
Mutoh ValueJet 1604, 1614
Mutoh ValueJet 1628TD
Mutoh Viper 65, 90,100
Mutoh ValueJet 2628TD
NUR Expedio 3200
NUR Expedio 5000
NUR Fresco HQ+
NUR Salsa 2 8S
NUR Salsa Ultima 1500
NUR Salsa Ultima 2400
NUR Tempo I
NUR Salsa Ultima 3200
NUR Salsa Ultima 5000
NUR Tempo II
NUR Tempo Q
Oce Arizona 90
Oce Arizona 180
Raster Printers RP720
Roland AJ1000i
Roland EX
Roland FP640/740-Pro II
Roland LEC / LEJ
Roland RF640
Roland SC
Roland SJ
Roland SP
Roland VP
Roland XC/XJ-640/740-Pro III
Scitex Idanit 162Ad
Scitex Idanit Novo
Scitex Grandjet
Scitex XLJet 5
Seiko Colorpainter 100
TeckWin TeckStorm
Zund 215C
Zund 250
Gandi Jeti 3150 x2
Gandi Jeti 3348 (UV)
Durst Rho 500r
Fuji Uvistar Pro-8
HP Scitex FB 6100
HP Scitex FB 7500/7600
HP Scitex XP2700/2750
Inca Columbia
Inca S-20 Onset
Jetrix 2030FRK
Jetrix 2513FRQ
SwissQ Impala
Roland VersaUV LEC
Roland VersaUV LEJ
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Digital Printing Products

NAZDAR TX650 Series Dye Sublimation Inkjet Inks

The TX650 Series Inks are water-based, dye-sublimation high-density ink formulated specifically for use on a range of Wide Format digital printers. Designed for printing onto paper before being heat transferred onto poly ...more