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NAZDAR 7020 UV Digital Adhesion Promotion Primer

LWU7020NC Adhesion Promotion Primer has been specially formulated as a primer to improve adhesion of Nazdar UV curable digital inks to substrates such as polypropylene and acrylic. This product is for use by customers re ...more

NAZDAR 240 Series UV Inkjet

Nazdar 240 Series Inks are membrane overlay and nameplate prototyping inks designed to be run in DX-4 and DX-5 printhead, LED curing printers. The inks exhibit excellent adhesion to digital grade membrane overlay substra ...more

NAZDAR 7400 Series UV Inkjet Ink

Nazdar® 7400 Series Digital Imaging Inks are designed for use in the following printer platforms: HP® Nur Tempo I, II & Q; Agfa/Gandinnovations 1224 & 3150 HP® Nur Expedio 3200 & 5000 HP® XP2100, XP5100, ...more

NAZDAR 7470 Series UV Piezo Pop Inkjet Ink

Nazdar® 7470 inks are for use in Inca Eagle, Columbia and Spyder models, Agfa/Gandi 1224 & 3150, Annapurna M & XL, Chromaprint 22UV, GCC StellarJet and L&P Virtu 36. Nazdar 7470 Series Digital Imaging Inks are design ...more

NAZDAR 7450 Series UV Piezo Inkjet Ink

Nazdar® 7450 Series Digital Imaging Inks are designed for use in the Inca Eagle, Columbia Turbo & Spyder. Primary uses of this product are for POP displays, durable graphics and billboard banners where flexibility is ...more

NAZDAR 7300 Series UV Curable Digital Imaging Inks for Nur, Dilli and Rasterprint UV Printers

Nazdar 7300 Flexible Series Digital Imaging Inks are designed for use in Zund 215C and 250, Agfa Annapurna XL, Rasterprint® RP720UV, DuPont Chromaprint 22UV, Dilli Neo Titan 1606 and Neo Plus 2506 digital printers.more

NAZDAR 7001 UV Maintenance Solution for UV Curable Digital Inks

Nazdar® 7001FF Maintenance Solution is a specially formulated solvent solution for use in cleaning and flushing UV digital inks from UV digital equipment.

Uses include but are not limited to: