Digital Inks

Digital Printing Products

NAZDAR PhotoChrome Pro Inkjet Inks

Cutting-edge pigment technology
Ultra-high black density
Reduced Gloss differential

Designed specifically for the Epson 4800 and 7800/9800, PhotoChrome Pro is the best third party ink solution on ...more

NAZDAR PhotoChrome R-24 Inkjet Inks

High Gloss Pigments
Vibrant and Durable
Excellent color and monochrome reproduction

Designed specifically for the Epson R2400, PhotoChrome R-24 provides the best third party ink solution for this ...more

Nazdar Fotonic Inkjet Inks

Unique high strength colour dyes
Up to 20% more colors than a standard ink set
Photo realistic

Designed for printing photo-realistic images with subtle details and extreme colors, Fotonic ink ens ...more

Nazdar Print Guard Laquer

Heavy Duty
Flexible and durable
Ideal for Canvas and Fine Art papers

A heavy-duty lacquer designed to form a protective seal around the image that is resistant to scratches, water, and ozone a ...more