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Shelf Stability from Date of Manufacture

When does your Nazdar ink expire? This is one of the most frequent inquiries to InkAnswers. However, the answer is available in your product code!


Follow these steps to find out the shelf life of your Nazdar product:

  1. Find the 8 or 10 digit batch number found on your product's label (ex. A1234567 or 1234567890) and enter it in the Product Code field below.
  2. Choose your product's Ink Type from the drop down menu.
  3. Click Calculate; your Manufacture Date & "Best Performance Before" Date will populate below.
  4. Tip: Refer to the Shelf Life Stability Chart to verify your product's shelf life.






NOTE: Proper storage is key to achieving maximum shelf stability. Shelf stability refers to unopened containers stored in temperatures not to exceed 78° F (25 ° C). Specials in any Nazdar ink series may have a shorter shelf life than standard products due to components added to meet specifications. Please refer to your product's Technical Data Sheet for complete information.

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