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Q. Which brand / model printers are Lyson 2000 Inks compatible with?
Q. Does one still need to purge the lines?
A. We have full written and illustrated change over procedures available.

To enable Lyson 2000 series cartridges to work correctly, every OEM cartridge being used must be replaced with a Lyson 2000 series cartridge during the initial change over procedure. For convenience, Lyson 2000 Series ink has been formulated to be fully compatible with the OEM inks, alleviating the need to flush the system.

The user must simply remove the existing OEM cartridges, insert Lyson 2000 Series cartridges and perform 2 ink fills. A fully illustrated change over procedure is available.

Q. Are Nazdar Digital 2000 Series an eco-solvent ink or Low Odor solvent ink or mild-solvent ink?
Q. These inks have reduced odor and VOC content, but do they still need to be vented like other solvent inks? If so, does Nazdar recommend any specific environmental solutions?
Q. Are these inks highly conformable and can they be used on vehicle wraps, even with complex riveted and corrugated surfaces?

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