Try Nazdar Wide Format Ink for Free!

Nazdar's wide format OEM compatible inks are designed for easy, one cartridge at a time installation. To see just how easy it is, sign up below and receive one cartridge* on us.

Plug and Play
Nazdar's wide format cartridge products are designed to be swapped out one cartridge at a time.

Color Compatible
Our wide format inks have been designed to be a close color match to the OEM inks; no re-profiling necessary.

Chemically Compatible
Nazdar inks are specially formulated to be chemically compatible with the OEM inks. The benefit to the user is that they can swap out one cartridge at a time without the worry of the two different inks sets interacting in an unpredictable way. Nazdar cannot guarantee compatibility with "alternative" / 3rd party inks. Please click here for our recommended conversion procedures.

Lower Cost
Nazdar inks are typically priced 30% or more below the OEM list price.

Nazdar Warranty
Nazdar stands behind every drop of ink we make! Our Limited Equipment Warranty is one of the strongest in the business and simply states that if Nazdar ink is proven to have damaged the ink train of your printer, Nazdar will pay for the repair.

U.S. and U.K. Based Manufacturing
Because our inks are manufactured in the U.S. and U.K., users can avoid the supply chain disruptions from inks manufactured off-shore.

    * Rules & Limitations
  • One free cartridge per customer
  • The offer is limited to the first 1000 respondents