Mission & History

Always At the Forefront of Innovation

Original Nazdar Headquarters
in Chicago, IL
The Nazdar story began in 1922 in the back of a small store in Chicago. Nazdar's transformation from these humble beginnings to one of the world's leading manufacturers of screen printing inks is the story of the emergence of the screen printing industry itself.

Throughout the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's, what was then Naz-Dar focused on developing new inks to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of screen printers. The growth of the plastics industry was a major factor in the expanded use of screen printing in the 1950's and 60's. During this period the Company's first extensive R&D programs were established to keep pace with the rapidly increasing demand for higher performance screen printing products.

In the 1960's and 70's, relationships were established with the core of Nazdar's distribution network. Through this network, Nazdar now serves the US and international markets with distribution that brings Nazdar's family of imaging products to Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Asia, and Australia.

In 1982, Naz-Dar acquired KC Coatings. By combining the industry's most popular ink lines, most extensive distribution, and most advanced R&D capabilities under one name, the acquisition ensured that the new Naz-Dar/KC would always be at the forefront of innovative research and product development.

In 1993, the Company acquired the ink and supplies division of Advance Process Supply Company. As a symbol of the successful unification of its acquisitions, the Company simplified its identity and became Nazdar.

Anticipating the acceptance of digital technology in the screen printing market, in 1995 Nazdar established Nazdar Digital, dedicated to serving the needs of the large format digital printing industry.

In 1997, Nazdar acquired the Canadian company, Ink Dezyne, and intensified the already successful development of digital inks for large format printers. This culminated with the highly successful launch of NDI Series digital inks in 2001.

Nazdar entered the digital printing ink market in 1998 with its NDI range of solvent-based inks, targeted at the growing range of wide and grand format inkjet printers. These products quickly became accepted within North American markets as the high performance, reliable alternative to costly OEM inks.

As part of its growth strategy, in February 2006 Nazdar acquired the business and assets of Lyson, a famous inkjet brand and one of the earliest and most innovative manufacturers of inkjet inks. The key directors and employees of this innovative company have been retained by Nazdar. Since the acquisition, the NDI and Lyson ink ranges have been integrated into a single product range under the Lyson® brand, to provide our customers with the largest portfolio of high performance inkjet inks in the global market today. Nazdar now manufactures inkjet inks based upon all major inkjet chemistries – aqueous, solvent, low-odor solvent, oil-based, UV-curable, specialty inks for textile printing, and for coding and marking.

Also in 2006 Nazdar entered the Narrow Web Ink market and now offers a full range of UV and Water-based technology. Products include UV Rotary Screen, UV and Water-base Flexo inks (for paper and film) and multiple UV and Water-base Overprint Varnishes.

From its humble beginnings, Nazdar has grown into one of the major international manufacturers and distributors of screen, wide-format digital, and narrow-web printing inks. The Company's strong commitment to research, customer service, and quality ensures that all of the ink, supply and equipment needs of a graphics imaging business can be met in one place — Nazdar.

Nazdar's Mission

Nazdar's mission is superior service for our customers.

Our objective is to go beyond just filling an order — we're here to provide solutions that help our customers improve their products and processes.

Fulfilling that mission requires a commitment to innovation that involves every area of our operations and our corporate behavior. It means we continue to invest in our strengths; our employees, quality, distribution, R&D, and our business partnerships. We believe that these strengths, together with the consistent practice of our Five Operating Principles, will ensure our success in serving our customers.