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Nazdar Consulting Services is dedicated to improving the productivity, predictability and profitability of screen and digital printers through consulting and training from industry leading experts. With decades of combined experience and expertise in print production and business processes, Nazdar Consulting Services can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help our clients improve their performance.

Nazdar Consulting Services offers a variety of Business, Software, Training and Management Solutions to meet your business needs.

Chromatix and G7 Qualification

Chromatix Logo There is a science to color performance in printing. It can be taught and learned. The tools and training are available, using your people, your equipment and your specific challenges. It’s a step-by-step process designed to eliminate weaknesses, capitalize on strengths, and deliver consistent results. It’s a matter of getting it right the first time, every time.

G7 LogoConsider the list of benefits:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduction of waste and scrap
  • Stronger competitive advantage
  • Added capacity in peak production periods
  • Maximize existing resources
  • High quality, repeatable and accurate color on time every time
  • Consistent color between multiple locations and across film, direct-to-screen, direct-to-plate, analog and digital printing

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CATZper Color Tolerancing
Learn how
using CATZper

can pay for itself in less than 10 uses.
The technology of digital printing has moved at lightning speed, but screen, offset, and flexo processes have remained essentially unchanged – mostly an art; rarely a science. CATZper can provide you with these practical applications:

  • Color tolerancing of specific match colors such as Pantone® Colors, corporate colors, often repeated PMS colors, and a printing companies “standard” colors.
  • Color tolerance benchmarking of the internal color matchers perception.
  • Defining acceptable deviation from zero and then converting the data to numeric values to remove the subjective variance of human vision.
  • Benchmarking the equipment variation.
  • Color approval on press by using perception data.

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Performance Management

PEDS Employee Performance and Evaluation Software.

This system takes performance and talent management to the next level by creating a forum for employees to receive meaningful feedback from their supervisors, track training and development and participate in performance reviews.

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LeadZ Trade Show Management and Lead Collection Software

The LeadZ System is an integrated data collection solution to collect, categorize, and follow-up on the valuable customer information collected at trade exhibitions. LeadZ allows you to collect pertinent information from your customer prospects and output the data into a variety formats.

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