Product Details

NAZDAR 564 Series Digital Inks

Nazdar 564 Series Digital Imaging Inks are designed for use in Seiko Colorpainter 64 and 100 Printers.

Conveniently packaged in 1 liter fully compatible cartridges along with 1 and 5 liter bottles they provide a great value, high performance alternative to the OEM.

The primary features of these inks are as follows:
  • OEM color match avoids the need to profile in most situations.
  • Long term exterior performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and color fading.
  • High impact, high intensity colors equivalent to the original OEM ink set.
  • Consistent color density values.
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility on most digital inkjet media.
  • Fully compatible, no-flush formulation.
Compatible with a wide range of self supporting flexible and pressure sensitive vinyl, banner, blue back paper and backed mesh.

Users of Seiko Colorpainter IP6 ink cartridges can now change to Nazdar 564 Series ink without the need to flush with the Nazdar Mix n Match ink capabilities.

Due to the complete chemical and color compatibility of the two ink sets, OEM cartridges can be replaced with Nazdar 564 Series cartridges as they run out, rather than all colors at the initial install. This saves both time and money as there is no need to perform wasteful ink fill procedures or dispose of unused ink.

Don't forget this is fully backed Nazdar's comprehensive equipment warranty!

† Consult the Nazdar 564 Series Color Match Statement for further details