Product Details

NAZDAR EB Series Epoxy Baking Screen Ink

Nazdar EB Series Epoxy Baking Screen Ink is being phased out of the Nazdar product line and will be discontinued before year-end. The recommended replacement product is Nazdar ADE Series Epoxy Screen Ink. In the interim, the Nazdar EB Series Epoxy Baking Screen Ink will remain available for purchase until existing inventories are depleted.

For more information on ink and substrate compatibility, please view our Screen Inks Application Guides.

EB Epoxy Baking Ink Series has been formulated to be high gloss, chemical resistant and to provide excellent adhesion to metals, glass and a wide range of hard-to-print substrates. EB Series is ideal for nameplates, decorative printing of appliances, and industrial machine panels.

Most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics, phenolic resin parts, most other thermo-set plastics