Screen Printing Products

NAZDAR LED Curing Screen Inks

Nazdar continues to promote screen printing technology with the development of the first viable LED Curing Screen Printing inks for the Membrane Overlay Market and the Graphics Market. Both types of inks are available ...more

NAZDAR 2600 UV LED Graphic Screen Ink

2600 Series UV LED Graphic Screen Ink is formulated to cure using a UV LED output source with a primary wavelength of 395 nanometers. This ink is for point of sale / point of purchase graphic applications on a wide range ...more

NAZDAR NSC240 UV-LED Air Texture Clear Screen Ink

UV-LED Air Texture Clear screen inks are specifically formulated to cure with 395nm, UV-LED curing systems and designed to give a decorative, first surface texture effect on polycarbonate and some pre-treated polyester f ...more

NAZDAR 2300 UV / UV-LED Screen Ink Series

The 2300 Series UV / UV-LED Screen Ink is tailored to meet the needs of the container market for printing on various glass and plastic bottles used in the packaging of cosmetics, household chemicals and other similar app ...more

NAZDAR 2400 Series UV-LED Screen Ink

The 2400 Series UV-LED Screen Ink has been formulated to cure with a LED curing system with wavelength emission of 395 nanometers and minimum output of 4 watts. The ink is designed for second surface printing on polycarb ...more